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The Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand (1750 - 1804)

Condensed Chart

For reasons of security and privacy, this chart contains limited information about living persons.
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-11 Nils Eriksen b: 1670 at Midlang d: 1743 at Ivru m: Bothilda Olsd b: 1689 at Hallsete d:1740 at Ovri

-1 Hallvor Nilsen b: ca 1709 at Ovri Vik Sogn in Fjordane d/bur: 1788-Oct-24 at Limmesand m: 1737-Jun-30 at Vik Sogn to: Anna Thorsdatter [daughter of Thor Bendiksen (1687-1763) & Aase Joensdatter (1685-1759)]

0 Nils Hallvardson Limmesand b: 1750-Jun-24 at Ovri Vik Sogn d: 1804-Nov-30 m: 1774 to: Randi Olsdatter b: 1750 d:

1 Tor Nilsson Limmesand b: 1775-Nov-2 on the farm at Limmesand, Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn, (west coast) Norway d: 1830-Nov-30 at Limmesand m: 1806-Nov-2 to Brita Sjursdatter Hallsete b: 1783-Jan-23 Hallsete farm Arnafjord sokn, Vik prig, Norway d: 1837-Jun-27 Hallsete farm. [Brita’s parents were Sjur Larsson Hallsete b: 1743 at Hallsete, Arnafjord d: 1835-Jul-3; and Brita Olsdtr Hauglum b: 1750 at Hauglum, Arnafjord d: 1816.

[Note: Brita’s brother, Lars Sjurson Hallset 1780-1858 had a daughter: Ingeborg Larsdatter Hallset 1819-1899, who was the great-great-grandmother of Viggo Fosse.]

11 Anna Torsdtr Limmesand (I) b: 1806-Dec-28 at Limmesand, Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn d: before 1813-Mar-23

12 Nils (Nels) Torson Limmesand b: 1808-Oct-19 at Limmesand Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn d: 1881-Jun-24 at Rice County, Minnesota m: 1836-Feb-21 to Kari Guttormsdatter Åse b: 1813 at Vik in Sogn. Took over his father’s farm, but moved to Dragland Farm, in Tjeldsund, Nordland, Norway in 1846. Emigrated to Rice County MN USA in 1875. (Descendants have family names: Nelson & Lavanger in North Dakota)

121 Thor Nelson b: 1837-Oct-3

122 Maria Nelson b: ca 1840

123 Guttorm Nelson b: 1843-Jun-09 at Limmesand, Arnafjord i Vik, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway d: 1889 at North Dakota, USA m: 1875-Jun-11 at Trondenes, Troms,Norway to Ovidia Magnusdatter b:1845-Jul-18 at Lavangseidet, Trondenes, Troms, Norway

123.1 Teodora Nikolina Guttormsdatter Nelson b: 1875-Apr-16 at Lavangen, Trondenes, Troms, Norway d: 1955-Sep-22 at Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada m: Ole N Granum

123.11 Olga Granum

123.2 Carl G Nelson b: 1876-Nov-19 at Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota, USA

123.3 Amelia Cornelia (Emelie) Nelson b: 1879-Feb-01 at Forest, Rice County, Minnesota, USA d: 1973 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

123.4 Martin Nelson b: 1881-Aug-27 at Forest, Rice County, Minnesota, USA

123.5 Tilda Margaret Nelson b: 1884-Nov-21 at Forest, Rice County, Minnesota, USA d: 1928-Jan at Harvey, Wells County, North Dakota, USA

123.6 Gilbert Roy Nelson b: 1886-Dec-18 at Harvey, Wells County, North Dakota, USA d: 1964-Oct-28 at Creston, British Columbia, Canada m: 1908-Jun-19 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada to Myrtle Mary Akerly (Gardiner) b: 1892-Sep-26 at Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada d: 1988-Apr-18 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada (they had seven children)

123.61 Roy Oliver Nelson b: 1910-Sep-26 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 1990-Jul at Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

123.62 Gordon Ernest Nelson b: 1913-May-17 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 2002-Nov-18

123.63 Edith Clarice Nelson b: 1916-Apr-18 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 2011-Feb-12 at North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

123.64 Myrtle Emily Nelson b: 1918-Oct-28 Speers, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 2009-Oct-12

123.65 Viola Pearl Nelson

123.66 Edna Josephine Nelson b: 1926-Oct-29 at Speers, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 2014-Nov-09 at Prince Albert

123.67 Inez Leona Nelson b: 1929-Apr-18 at Speers, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 1991-Feb-04 at Red Deer, Alberta, Canada m: 1948-Mar-31 at Medstead, Saskatchewan, Canada to Conrad Ralph Carpenter b: 1917-Apr-19 at Richard, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 1992-Jan-31 at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (they had 7 children)

123.671 Francis Wayne Carpenter b: 1948 at Chitek Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 1948 at Chitek Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

123.672 Corwyn Dwight Carpenter

123.673 Dwaine Bradford Carpenter

123.674 Sylvia Myrtle Carpenter

123.675 Donna Lynn Carpenter

123.676 Merle Edwin Carpenter b: 1958 at Turtleford, Saskatchewan, Canada d: 1958 at Turtleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

123.677 Carol Rose Carpenter m1: to Dwayne Hillman (div). They have three children together. m2: to Alan James Buick. They have two children.

(with Dwayne:)

123.677.1 Shayna Rei-Ann Hillman

123.677.2 Chelsea Jalayne Hillman

123.677.3 Jarrod Kyle Hillman

(with Alan:)

123.677.4 Stephanie Jaime Rose Buick

123.677.5 Æínarr Þórrvaldsson (Legal name change in 2014, formerly Killian James Alanson Buick)

124 Bertheus Nelson b: ca 1846

125 Andreas Nelson b: 1849-Sep-28

126 Nikolai Nelson b: ca 1851

127 Elling Nelson b: ca 1855

13 Sjur (Sivert) Thorsen Limmesand b: 1810-Nov-24 at Limmesand d: 1890-Aug-30 at Trondenes, Sor-Lavagen m: 1848-Apr-25 to Ingeborg Gunnarsdtr Mjolsvik at Kyrkjebo sokn

131 Olina

132 Berte

132 Sigrid

14 Anna Torsdtr Limmesand (II) b: 1813-May-5 d: 1820-Dec-17 at Limmesand

15 Brita Torsdtr Limmesand b: 1815-Apr-15 d: 1815-Jul-22 at Limmesand

16 Peder (Per) Torson b: 1816-Jun-8 at Limmesand Sogn d: 1866-Feb-7. Went north, at first to Jvestad, then moved to Dragland Farm in 1846. Never married.

17 Ola (Ole) Torson Limmesand b: 1817-Dec-24 at Limmesand, Arnafjord sogn, Vik in Sogn, Norway. Moved to Dragland Farm in 1846. d: 1890-Jan-20 buried at Dragland m1: to Brita Olsdatter Finden b: 1817 d: 1847 (in childbirth) m2: 1850-Oct-22 at Ibestad krk, to Mette Jonette Danielsdtr b: 1831-Feb-4 at Arstein, Gratangen in Astafjorden, d: 1914-Jan-29 at Dragland, Tjeldsund. They bought the farm “Viborg”. [Mette’s parents were Daniel Bertheussen and Johanna Mikkelsdtr.]

171 Theodor Olsen Dragland b: 1850-Jun-7 at Dragland d: 1893-Jun-7 at Dragland. They were farmers. Theodor was married twice and had 13 children. m1: 1874-Nov-5 to Regine Rask Rasmusdatter b: 1852 d: 1892-Apr-17 m2: 1893 to Hanna Rebekka Sorensdatter b: 1860 at Trondines d: 1924-Feb-20

171.1 Rikard Bernhard Olsen b: 1876-Mar-12. Emigrated to Seattle, USA. Was married and had many children. [was thought to have "disappeared on his way to buy a farm" but was later "rediscovered"] m: to Margarite 'Polly' Rockfuss (Bodsoss)

171.11 Theodore Olsen b: at North Dakota m:Florence (no children)

171.12 Pete Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: June

171.13 Ralph Olsen b: 1913 at Richmond Beach, WA d: 1982 m: Margaret Elizabeth Bright b: 1923

171.131 Michael Olsen

171.132 David Ralph Olsen

171.133 Elizabeth (Joy) Olsen m: William (Bill) Barnsdale

171.14 Jenny Olsen b: Richmond Beach, WA m1: Al Kask m2: Jack Smith

171.141 Marjorie Kask m: Ruan

171.1411 Jennifer Ruan

171.15 John Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: Grace Garl

171.151 Karen Olsen

171.1511 ?

171.1512 ?

171.152 Julie Ann Watts-Pinney (Olsen) m: Watts

171.1521 James William Watts b: 1971-Jun-07 d: 2016-Sep-23

171.1522 Christopher Robin Watts b: 1975-Sep-29 d: 1995-Sep-27

171.153 Jon Olsen

171.1531 ?

171.1532 ?

171.154 Mary Olsen m: George Birch

171.1541 Janet Birch

171.1542 Stacey Birch

171.155 Teresa Margit Olsen m: Frederick Larson

171.1551 Eric Larson

171.156 Peter B. Olsen

171.16 Margaret (Dolly) Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: Harold Little

171.161 ?

171.17 Mary Francis Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: Chadbourne

171.171 Bonnie Jean Chadbourne m: Walter Morelan

171.1811 Lee Morelan

171.172 Patricia Olsen

171.1721 ?

171.1722 ?

171.1723 ?

171.1724 ?

171.18 Richard Olsen b: 1924 at Richmond Beach, WA d: 1978 m: Mary Lou Berg b: 1929 at Clayton, WA d: 2014

171.181 Holly Maren Olsen m: Allen Wayne Pierce

171.1811 Richard Allen Pierce m: Lynette Inman

171.19 Carl (Spark) Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: Jane

171.191 Bruce Olsen m: Karen

171.1911 ?

171.1912 ?

171.192 Jennifer Olsen m: Tom Grennan

171.1921 ?

171.1922 ?

171.1A Patricia Olsen b: at Richmond Beach, WA m: Norman Huswick

171.1A1 Carl Arthur Huswick m: Kathy

171.1A11 Heather Marie Huswick

171.1A12 Eric Arthur Huswick

171.1A2 Richard Alan Huswick

171.1A3 Norman Arthur Huswick m: Karla

171.1A31 Hannes M. Huswick

171.1a32 Ingi Cortney Huswick

171.2 Rasmus Valberg (Wahlberg) Olsen b: 1878-Apr-2. (Emigrated to Seattle, USA. He was a blacksmith.)

171.3 Otelia Ellida Olsen-Sevald b: 1880-Apr-6 d: 1916 m: Sevald, a widower from Taraldsvik. (Emigrated to Seattle, USA. Had one child before marriage, many after marriage.)

171.31 ? (son)

171.4 Mathias Johan Olsen b: 1882 m: Anny who had Norweigan parents. (Emigrated to Seattle, USA. Was a butcher, a Shoeblack, and worked in Rockerfeller’s office. Visited Dragland, Norway in 1930.)

171.41 Myrtle G. Olsen b: 1912 m: Ose

171.411 ? (Myrtle's daughter)

171.4111 ? (Myrtle's grand-daughter)

171.5 Lovisa Amanda b: 1884-Oct-27 d: 1902-Dec-3 of TB. (Worked as a maid.)

171.6 Hansine Kristine b: 1888-Feb-1 d: 1890-Jun-30

171.7 Hansine Kristine II b: 1890-Oct-10 m: Jon Sandvik, Selbu

171.71 Borgny

171.72 Bergliot

171.73 Trygue

171.74 Jon

171.8 Kristian Rask b: 1894-May-5 d: 1964-Dec-4 m: 1929-Jan-15 to Else Kristensen b: 1910-Dec-31 at Kongsvik. (Lived as farmers and fishers at Dragland.)

171.81 Hanna m: 1959 to Martin Magnussen

171.811 Anne Lise Fjelddahl

171.812 Marie-Hann (Lives in Mo in Rana.)

171.82 Kristian m: Ingebjorg. (Lives in Oslo.)

171.821 Knut

171.822 Eirik

171.823 Ingrid

171.83 Einar m: to Ase (Lives in Oslo.)

171.831 Inger Marie

171.832 Kjersti

171.9 Nanna Marie Olson b: 1896-Feb-02 m1: Peder Eggesvik from Beiam m2: Jon Haukas from Hamaroy. (Lived in Bodo.)

171.91 Jan

171.92 Karl

171.A Gyda Johanne b: Oct 14 1897 m: Johannes Jensen

171.A1 Holter Jensen b: 1920 d: 1972 of cancer m: Petra b: 1915 d: 1993 (also of cancer)

171.A11 Geir Jensen

171.A1x Per-Harald Jensen m: 1980 to Solfrid Hakvag

171.A1x.1 (son)

171.A1x.2 (son)

171.A2 (daughter)

171.A3 (daughter)

171.A4 (daughter)

171.A5 (daughter)

171.B Regine Ovedie (Gina) b: 1899-Sep-20 m: to Normann Nilsen from Lodingen. Lived first at Dragland, then at Mo in Rana.

171.B1 Henny m: to Kare Osterdal

171.B11 (son)

171.B12 (son)

171.B13 (daughter)

171.C Sigfred b: 1902-Jun-14 m: Hulda b: 1911-Jul-25 They lived at Dragland, then moved to Narvik. They have great grand children.

171.C1 Laila

171.C2 Unni

171.C3 Svanhild

171.C4 Helene

171.C5 Torstein

172 Nicoline Marie Olsen b: 1852-Apr-14 at Lødingen prgj. Emigrated to USA 1887.

173 Johanna Birgitte Serine Olsdatter b: 1854-Jun-29 d: 1917-Apr-10 m: Gutorm Sivert Waldemarsen Dale b: 1854-Nov-2 d: 1911-Jan-5 (Gutorm was a baker and farmer at Dragland.)

173.1 Valdemar Olav Gutormsen b: 1880-May-9 m: Kaspara Nikoline Eidissen b: 1891-May-8 [See: DFA 179.1]

173.2 Georg Gutormsen b: 1886

174 Berit Marie Olsdatter b: 1856-Oct-8 at Dragland, Tjeldsund prgj, Nordland d: 1941-Jan-26 at Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland m: 1877-Oct-9 to Daniel Harr Marthinussen b: 1853-Aug-7 at Kongsvik d: 1930-Apr-3 His parents were Marthinus Pettersen and Fredrikke Jensdtr. [Berit & Daniel lived as farmers and fishers in Fiskefjord, not far from Dragland.]

174.1 Marthinus Fredrik Danielsen b: 1878 at Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland d: 1967 at Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund m: 1912 at Fiskefjord to Marie Aminda Jacobsen

174.2 Othelius Danielsen b: 1880-Apr-23 at Fiskefjord d: 1933-Sep-9 at Fiskefjord m1: 1911 to Olga Henriette Kristine Ingebrigsen b: 1892-Jan-15 at Forskolten d: 1960-Mar-13 at Fiskefjord m2: Alvilde Margrethe Martinusdtr

174.21 Halvdan Oskar Danielsen b: 1912-Oct-25 d: 1982-Mar-5 m: 1941-Dec-31 to Olga K. Evensen

174.22 Magna Dahl Danielsen b: at Fiskefjord m: 1934-Sep-16 to Sigurd Ingvald Wilhelm Eidissen

174.23 Joachim Antonius Sten Danielsen m: Ruth Ellinor Olsen

174.24 Erna Danielsen b: at Fiskefjord m: 1943-Oct-2 to Thorleif Skogsletten b: at Leknes, Lofoten

174.241 Einar Skogsletten

174.242 Oddvar Skogsletten (Now living in Olso.) m: Anne-Brit Elvestad

174.242.1 Tone Elvestad Skogsletten (Living in Olso.)

174.25 Oddrun Danielsen b: at Fiskefjord m: 1956-May-19 to Kåre Einarsen

174.26 Roald Johan Danielsen b: at Fiskefjord m: 1954 to Bodil Karlsen

174.3 Daniel Martin Danielsen b: 1882-Oct-7 at Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund d: 1983-May-13 (101 years old) at Fjelldal sykehjem m: 1904-Oct-23 to Helga Teonore Hansen


174.3xx Hans Rendall

174.4 Gerhard Nikolai Danielsen b: 1884 at Fiskefjord d: 1887 at Fiskefjord

174.5 Gerhard Alfred Helmer Danielsen b: 1888-May-22 at Fiskefjord d: 1964-Dec-3 at Fiskøy m: 1923-Dec-31 to Anna Kristine Skoglund

174.6 Magdalena Leonora Dorthea Danielsdtr b: 1890-Feb-15 at Fiskefjord d: m: 1912-Sep-16 to Jert Lind Leier Erikstad

174.7 Regine Antonette Berntine Danielsdtr b: 1892-Apr-24 at Fiskefjord d: 1894 at Fiskefjord

174.8 Olga Amanda Josefine Danielsdtr b: 1894-May-28 at Fiskefjord d: 1986-Nov-15 at Fiskefjord m: 1919-Jan-9 to Frode Johannes Tegnander

174.9 Johannes Amandus Berg Danielsen b: 1896-Jun-9 at Fiskefjord m: 1927 to Hildborg Sjarlotte Lind Eilertsen

174.A Rudolf Otto Eivind Danielsen b: 1898-Oct-15 at Fiskefjord d: m: 1927-Sep-3 to Oddrun Antonette Olsen

174.B Jaerlof Olav Bang Danielsen b: 1901-May-23 at Fiskefjord d: 1972-Feb-2 m: 1926 at Skjellesvik, Tysfjord to Ida Amanda Isaksen

175 Dorothea Berntine Olsdatter b: 1859-Jan-9 at Dragland d: 1865-July-6 at Dragland

176 Daniel Bertheus Olson Dragland b: 1861-Aug-3 at Dragland (Emigrated to USA in 1887) d: 1931-May-1 at Fargo, North Dakota USA m: 1890-Nov-29 at Sharon, North Dakota to Anna Louise Eriksen b: 1862-July-24 d: 1953-Dec-29 (father: Erik Normann Erlandsen) (mother: Serine Birgitte Olsdatter)

176.1 Signe Kristine Olson b: 1888-Feb-3 d: 1921-Jul-27

176.2 Otelius Nicolai Olson b: 1891-Mar-20 d: 1893-Nov-25

176.3 Edwin N. Olson b: 1893-Oct-21 d: 1983-Sep-2 m: Ellen Cornelius

176.4 Ole Nicolai Olson b: 1894-May-7 d: 1987-Feb-2 m: Hilda Veedahl

176.5 Marie Josephine Olson b: 1896-Apr-19 d: 1967-Sep-21 m: Nils Meland

176.6 Esther Viola Olson b: 1898-Jun-12 d: 1987-Feb m: Henry Rydland

176.7 Birger Rudolph Olson b: 1900-May-23 d: 1990-Oct-17 m: Ella Louise Christen

176.8 Victor Evelin Olson b: 1903-Jun-23 d: 1904-Apr-22

176.9 Victor Otelius Olson b: 1905-Jun-16 d: 1976-Apr-15

177 Lars Olai Olsen Dragland b: 1863-Jul-16 at Hols Sogn in Tjeldsund, LP, Norway d: 1907-Sep-11 at Kloten, North Dakota m: 1883-July-17 at Lodingen, Norway to Karoline Amalie Gregusdatter (Gregussen) b: 1863-Jan-12 d: 1933-Feb-6. [Lived at Dragland, later emigrated to the USA, where they homesteaded in Steele County and Field Township in Nelson County, North Dakota]

177.1 Olaf Marselius Dragland b: 1884-Jun-16 Dragland Farm Lodingen in Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1964 in Kloten, North Dakota m: 1917

177.2 Kristian (Chris) Adolf Dragland b: 1885-Sep-3 Dragland Farm Lodingen in Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1973-Feb-24 Northwood, ND m: 1917-Dec-17 to Ansoph Krogh b: 1897-Nov-14 d: 1964-Sep-8 (They were farmers.)

177.21 Leroy Dragland b: 1918-Sep-21 d: 1998-Jan-29 m: Mary Lee

177.22 Gladys Caroline Dragland b: 1920-Feb-28 d: 2003-July-4 m: Peterson

177.221 Arlene Hanson (deceased Fargo, ND)

177.222 Orris Hanson (deceased Glyndon, MN)

177.223 Estelle Hanson m: Curtis Hieggelke

177.223.1 Brian Hieggelke (Chicago, IL) m: Jan Hieggelke

177.223.11 Erica Hieggelke (Seattle, WA) m: Fievel Hieggelke

177.223.111 Otis Hieggelke

177.223.112 Ada Hieggelke

177.223.12 Margot Hieggelke (Seattle, WA)

177.223.13 Todd Hieggelke (Chicago, IL)

177.223.2 Brent Hieggelke

177.223.21 Morgan Hieggelke (Portland,OR)

177.223.22 Greta Hieggelke (Coravallis,OR)

177.223.23 Coen Hieggelke (Portland,OR)

177.223.3 Jason Hieggelke m: Tara Olmstead

177.223.31 Soren Hieggelke (Portland,OR)

177.223.32 Karin Hieggelke (Portland,OR)

177.223.4 Justin Hieggelke (Chicago, IL)

177.224 Dennis Hanson (Horace, ND)

177.225 James (Jim) Hanson (Fargo, ND)

177.23 Hazel Dragland  b: 1921-Nov-24 m: Rust

177.24 Etta Dragland  b: 1923-Oct-1 d: 2004-Jun-28 m: Tommerdahl

177.25 Chris Dragland Junior b: 1925-Jul-16 d: 2001-Apr-13 m: Jane

177.26 Sidney Dragland b: 1927-May-23 m: Arlane

177.27 MaryAnn Dragland b: 1929-June-30 d: 2019-May-16 m: Arnold Sundquist

177.271 Paul Sundquist m: Peggy

177.272 Karen Sundquist m: Ova Aaser Olson

177.273 Daniel Sundquist m: Bobbi

177.274 Julie Sundquist m: Dave Kollstedt

177.28 Grace Dragland b: 1931-Oct-26 m: vonRuden

177.29 Dorothy Dragland b: 1933-Nov-13 m: Stevens

177.2A Mavis Dragland b: 1936-Apr-17  m: Dahl

177.2B Juel Dragland b: 1938-June-13 m: Sharon

177.2C Joyce Dragland b: 1940-Aug-20 d: 1996-Mar-25  m: von Ruden

177.2D Donald B. Dragland m: Rosalie

177.2D1 Amy Dragland m: Chris Johnson

177.2D2 Daniel Dragland m: Brielle Wacker

177.2D3 Joy Dragland m: Lage Lund (from Norway)

177.3 Lotte Kaspara Olsen (Dragland) b: 1887-Sep-14 at Dragland Farm Lodingen in Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1890-May-25 (at the age of 3 years) in Norway

177.4 Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland b: 1889-May-30 Dragland Farm Lodingen in Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1965-Mar-2 Corpus Christi, Texas m: Ethel Mae Thomas

177.41 Hilma Elizabeth Dragland b: 1922-Jun-16 in Hot Springs AR (Hair Dresser, lived in Serepta, Louisiana) d: 2003-June-24 m: 1940-Oct-11 to James Carlton Brown b: 1918-May-27 d: 1997-Jul-4

177.411 Dale Carlton Brown (Railroad Engineer) m1: Brenda (div) m2: Margie (Resides in Texas)

177.411.1 Jessica Brown (mother Brenda)

177.411.2 Carla Brown (mother Brenda)

177.42 Marvin Eugene Dragland b: 1925-Oct-2 at Hot Springs AR; (House Painter, US Navy veteran of WWII) d: 2004-Feb-08 at Minden LA m: Lena Marie Bible

177.421 Robert Wayne Dragland (Animal Husbandry) m1: Kathy Farmer (div) m2: Jackie Leach (div) m3: Joan Sanders

177.421.1 Daniel Lee Dragland (mother Kathy)

177.421.2 Elissa Marie Dragland (mother Jackie Leach)

177.421.3 Kristina Leigh Dragland (mother Jackie Leach)

177.422 Peggy Ann Dragland (Registered Dietician) m: Marion Lynn Caldwell

177.422.1 Gene Paul Caldwell (Auto Mechanic) m: Christina Hamrick

177.422.11 Kendra Renee Caldwell

177.422.12 Lauren Hope Caldwell (Now living in Lynchburg VA)

177.422.2 Dorothy Marie Caldwell

177.423 Michael Dragland

177.424 Mary Dragland m: Charles Glenn Denny (Lives in Minden LA.)

177.424.1 Shelly Marie Denny m: Scott McLain (Lives in Minden LA)

177.424.11 Christian Blake McLain

177.424.12 Baylee Nicole McLain

177.424.13 Garrett Duran McLain

177.424.2 Angela Renea Denny m: Jeremy Lynn Anders (Lives with family in Karnack Texas)

177.424.21 Hannah Mykale Anders

177.424.22 Reagan Delane Anders

177.424.3 Eric Michael Denny m: Dana Burrows (Lives in Ruston LA)

177.425 Thomas Dragland (Agricultural Engineer) m: Lynnie Hanson

177.425.1 Amanda Doreen Dragland m: Steve Nix

177.425.11 Benjamin Zion Nix

177.425.2 Abigail Nichole Dragland

177.426 John Lee Dragland (Carpenter) m1: Sandra (div) m2: Edith (div) m3: 1999-Apr-10 to Sharon Branch Williams

177.426.0 Kasey Williams (Child of Sharon by previous marriage)

177.426.1 John Michael Dragland

177.427 David Oliver Dragland (Heavy Equipment Mechanic) m: Frankie Lynette Hood

177.427.0-a Michael Anthony (Andy) Dragland (Lynette's child, adopted by David) m: Shelby Smith

177.427.0-a1 Michael Anthony Dragland, Jr

177.427.0-a2 Ray Henry Dragland

177.427.0-b Maegun Annette Dragland (Lynette's child, adopted by David) m: Wayne "David" Knippers

177.427.1 Joshua David Dragland

177.427.2 Leah Marie Dragland m: Colton Luke Waldron

177.427.21 Landon Wade Waldron, Jr

177.5 Lind Kristofus Dragland b: 1890-Jul-19 at Luedon, Lodingen in Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1966-Mar at West Main, Oregon m: 1923-Mar-8 to Genna Bakke at New England, North Dakota

177.51 Ores L. Dragland b: 1924-May-1 Dickinson, North Dakota, USA d: 2002-Jan-28 Portland, San Patricio, Texas, USA

177.52 Anne Lorene Dragland (twin) [Note: Anne Lorene and her twin sister Beverly were adopted by the Lutz's after Genna's death.]

177.521 Debrah m: David Singer

177.53 Beverly Jean Dragland Lutz (twin) m: Milton John Bicek

177.531 Cheryl Rae Bicek m: Wesley Blaine Schram

177.531.1 Alissa Cheré Schram

177.532 Harlyn Wayne Bicek m: Jerrilynn June Pierce

177.533 Charles Milton Bicek

177.534 Doreen Reneé Bicek m: Christopher Robert Morris

177.534.1 Jordyn Reneé Morris

177.534.2 Zachary Robert Morris

177.535 Angela Kay Bicek m: Robert "Bob" Ernest Robinette b: 1962-Mar-12

177.535.1 Katelyn Elizabeth Bicek

177.535.2 Claire Nichole Bicek

177.54 Corinne (Margo) Dragland m: Bob Elliot

177.541 Cheryl Elliott

177.542 Pat Elliott

177.543 Mary Elliott

177.544 Steve Elliott

177.545 Mike Elliott

177.546 Susie (or Sandy?) Elliott

177.547 Scott Elliott

177.6 Emil Atlanter (or Alanteen) Drageland (aka. Emil Larson) b: 1892-Jan at sea Norway d: 1974-Jan-6. Raised in Kloten, ND, USA until age 15; later lived in Poulsbo, WA, USA m: 1923-April to Mary Louise Merritt b: 1895-June-14 d: 1974-April-1

177.61 Robert Lee Larson b: 1924 d: 1967

177.62 Virginia Caroline Larson b: 1925 d: 2012 m: to David Jones

177.621 David Jones, Jr.

177.622 Sherry Jones

177.623 Steven Jones

177.63 Donald Emil Larson b:1927

177.64 Audrey Elizabeth Larson b: 1929 d: 1989-Feb m: to Robert Chase

177.641 Michael Chase

177.642 Donna Chase

177.643 Susan Chase

177.65 Dorothy Mae Larson b:1930

177.651 David Larson m: Susan

177.6511 Tiffany Larson

177.6511 Erik Larson

177.6511 Alexis Larson

177.66 Catherine Anne Dantonio m: to Thomas D. Dantonio b: 1928-Nov-29 d: 2004-June

177.661 Thomas A. Dantonio

177.6611 Thomas A. Dantonio, Jr.

177.662 Bonita Dantonio Moore

177.6621 Tonia Lee Gullett

177.66211 Jamie Gullett

177.6622 Christopher Moore

177.663 Christina A. Dantonio m: to Dean F. Wootten

177.67 Rose Marie Larson m: to Blasé Lazzara

177.671 Joseph Lazzara

177.672 Anthony Lazzara

177.673 Linda Lazzara

177.674 Leeann Lazzara m: to Adam Kotler

177.6741 Kara Kotler

177.6742 Kyle Kotler

177.675 Lynn Lazzara

177.6751 Rachael

177.67511 Penelope (Penny)

177.67 Thelma Larson (died in infancy)

177.68 Hilma Louise Larson b: 1938-Aug-29 at Washington, DC d: 1999-Nov-27 at Owings, MD m: 1957-May-3 to John R Higgs b: 1932-Apr-19 d: 2012-Nov-16

177.681 John Robert Higgs, Jr. m: to Kathleen McCarthy

177.6811 Stephanie Erin Higgs

177.6812 Kathryn Leigh Higgs

177.682 Donald Joseph Higgs m1: to Kathy Dedovitch m2: to Bonnie O'Toole

177.6821 Melissa Anne Higgs

177.6822 Marifrances Louise Higgs

177.6823 Sean Robert Higgs

177.683 Thomas Anthony Higgs

177.684 Mary Theresa Higgs m1: to Mark Glass m2: to Glenn Jernberg

177.6841 Mark Alan Glass, Jr.

177.6842 Erika Lynn Glass

177.685 Anne Marie Higgs m: to David Patrick Sanders

177.6851 Kelsey Elizabeth Inge Sanders

177.6852 Meredith Leigh Louise Sanders

177.6853 Alaina Brooke Pearl Sanders

177.7 Ragnhild Nikoline Dragland b: 1894-Feb-11 at Kloten, ND d: 1975-Aug-21 at Jamestown, ND

177.8 Hilma Dragland b: 1896-Jul at Kloten, ND d: 1919-May-10 at Kloten, ND

177.9 Lydia Kristofa Dragland b: 1898-Apr-28 at Kloten, ND d: 1975-Feb-5 at Corvallis, Oregon m: 1917-Oct-30 at New England, ND to Thorvald Andersen Bjerke

177.91 Luella Thelma Bjerke b: 1918-Jul-27 New England, ND d: 1974-Apr-14 Corvallis, Oregon m: 1940-Aug-20 to Virgil Ralph Dudley

177.92 Caroline Bjerke b: 1920-Jan-21 New England, ND d: 1920-Jan-21

177.93 Andrew Leland/Lelien Bjerke b: 1921-Oct-23 at McVille, ND d: 1981-Jun-15 at Portland Oregon

177.93x Sandra J. Bjerke m: Carter

177.94 Alfred Thorvald Bjerke b: 1923-Apr-25 at New England, ND d: 1999-Mar-5 at Templeton, CA m: 1948-Jun-11 at Pamona, CA to Pauline Oldham

177.95 Howard Earling Bjerke m: Arlene K. Zipp

177.951 Sharon Lee Bjerke m: Al Horner (div.)

177.952 Michele Bjerke m: David Allen Roland

177.953 Laurie Bjerke m: Donald Meyer

177.96 Stanley Karroll Bjerke b: 1927-Mar-17 New England, ND d: 1995-Mar-17 at Palo Alto, CA m: 1950-Aug-18 at Bonneville, WA to Lucille Zollo

177.97 Corrine Alda Bjerke b: 1932-Mar-6 at New England, ND d: 1996-Apr-23 at Sacramento. CA m: 1956-Jun-23 at Reno, Nevada to Alfred Earl Fountain

177.971 Lorance Keith Fountain d: ca 2015 at Sacramento, CA m1: Gayle Ruth ____ m2: Tami Fitzgerald

177.971.1 Timothy Lorance Fountain m: Jennifer Jo Lindner m2: Kirsten

177.971.11 Jacob Walter Lindner-Fountain

177.971.12 Aricin Lorance Fountain

177.972 Linda Fountain m: Hutchinson at Sacramento, CA

177.972.1 Cheri Lynn Hutchinson

177.98 Eileen Lydia Bjerke m: Richard Grant Clappe

177.A Agnus H. Dragland b: 1900-Jan at Kloten, ND m: Calvin Sheerborn

177.B Karrol (Karre) Dragland b: 1902-May-2 Kloten, ND d: 1992-Jan-14 at Minnetonka, MN m: 1936 to Ruth Hegerberg

177.C Emma Dragland b: 1904-May-6 at Washington State m: Frank Huckins

178 Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland b: 1866-May-13 at Lodengen Church Dragland Farm, Tjelsund, Norway d: 1940-Apr-19 at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. (Emigrated to USA 1887 and later homesteaded in Canada.)  m: 1893 to Mary Gullickson b: 1875 d: 1924-Sept-15

178.1 Oscar Gustav Dragland b: 1893-Dec-5 d: 1952-Nov-3 m: 1917 to Esther Bjorhus b: 1890-Mar-15 d: 1970-Jan-26

178.11 Orville Bjorhus Dragland b: 1917-Sep-20 d: m: 1943 to Nellie Irene Sanders b: 1919-Dec-9

178.111 Sandra Irene Dragland m1: Barry Wilson m2: David Pierce m3: Steve Shepperd

178.111.1 Scott Barry Wilson m: Colleen Hoffner

178.111.2 Kari Lynn Wilson

178.111.3 James Larry Wilson

158.111.4 Ryan David Pierce

178.112 Larry Dennis Dragland m: Betty Kniesh

178.112.1 Korbic Lee Dragland b:

178.112.2 Robin Crystal Dragland

178.12 Lois May Dragland b: 1918-Sep-29 at Medicine Hat, AB d: 2013-Mar-9 m: 1949-Sep-20 to Tom Hopkins b: 1919-Aug-18

178.121 Gordon Thomas Hopkins m: Joanne Van Ham

178.121.1 Jan Laura Hopkins     m: Justin Reischek

178.121.2 Brad Thomas Hopkins

178.122 Beverly Louise Hopkins m: Alan Whitmore

178.112.1 Kimberly Louise Whitmore

178.112.2 Melanie Jaynne Whitmore

178.123 Shirley Ethel Hopkins m: Dr. Dodge Slagle

178.123.1 Amy Michelle Slagle

178.123.2 Mandy Slagle

178.123.3 William Slagle

178.13 Ethel Genevieve Dragland m: Nick Chenewski

178.14 Vern Hoey Dragland m1: Margaret Hansen m2: Edwina (Eddie) m3: Anne Coleman

178.141 Glen Vernon Dragland b: 1954-Sep-29 d: 2012-Apr-21 m: 1979-Jun-6 to Jo Anne Kathryn Roantree (div)

178.142 Norine Dragland b: 1956-Oct-10 d: 1956-Dec-26

178.143 Neil Hoey Dragland b: 1958-May-14 d: 2016-Jan

178.144 Lyle John Dragland

178.2 Minnie Kristine Dragland b: 1897-Feb-26 d: 1897-Aug-4

178.3 Alma Christine Dragland b: 1897-Dec-29 at Grand Forks, ND d: 1989 m: 1918-Jan-2 to Peder Evenson b: 1880-Nov-30 d: 1971-Jan-7

178.31 Margaret Lorraine Evenson

178.311 Sherryn Diane

178.311.1 Courtney Fred

178.311.2 Johann Lorraine

178.311.3 Michelle Diane

178.311.4 Peder James

178.312 Joyce Kay d: 2004-Aug-3 at Las Vegas NV m: Paul Dixon

178.312.1 Sarah Ann Dixon

178.312.2 Molly Christine Dixon

178.32 Perry Alton Evenson

178.33 Robert Edward Evenson

178.331 Roberta Lynn Evenson

178.331.1 Abigail Marie

178.331.2 Evan Joseph

178.332 Kristin Diane Evenson

178.332.1 Hannah Kristin

178.332.2 Ian David

178.333 Linda Evenson

178.333.1 Adam Evenson

178.4 Rudolph Magnus Dragland b: 1899-July-18 at Grand Forks, ND d: 1984-Feb-7 at Lethbridge, AB m: 1928-Dec-20 to Vale Jennings Sampson b: 1903-May-16 at Benton, Wisconsin d: 1992-Jan-12 at Lethbridge, AB

178.41 Leonard Kenneth Dragland b: 1930-Jan-5 at Calgary, AB d: 2000-Sept-30 at Red Deer, AB

178.42 Lawrence Dale Dragland b: 1931-Mar-25 at Medicine Hat, AB d: 1998-Feb-16 at Redcliff, AB m1: 1949-Dec-2 to Nona May Annon b: 1933-May-29 at Winnifred, AB d: 2001-Oct-23 at Courtney, BC (div) m2: Leota Cameron (Oaky) (div) m3: Bette Pearl Gnam b: 1932-Jun-15 d: 2013-APR-24 at Medicine Hat, AB (div)

178.421 Vaughn Leonard Dragland m1: Jane Goodall (div) m2: 1981-Aug-1 at Toronto, ON to Cornelia Ingrid Schillup b: 1955-Nov-1 at Toronto, ON d: 2019-Feb-03 at Toronto, ON

(with Jane:)

178.421.1 Michael Raymond Dragland m: Soma Mallard

178.421.11 Athena Ray Aria Dragland

178.421.12 Avery Rose Ellowyn Dragland

(with Cornelia:)

178.421.2 Amanda Vale Dragland m: Kieran Christopher James Dean Huggins

178.421.3 Fallon Rachel Dragland m: Blair Morgan Dodd

178.421.31 Elias Malcom Dodd

178.421.32 Roan Asher Dodd

178.422 Jeanne Ellen Dragland m: Donald Morrison b: 1948-Aug-4 at Scotland d: 2009-Jun-10 at Vancouver, BC

178.422.1 Sharlene Maureen Ralston m: Robert Annis

178.422.11 Paris Michelle Annis

178.422.12 Paloma Marcelle Annis

178.422.13 Liam Robert Keats Annis

178.422.14 Lochlain Alexander Annis

(with Donald:)

178.422.2 Calum MacLeod Morrison m: Kelsey McDermott

178.422.21 Donald Owen Morrison

178.422.22 Mairi Mae Morrison

178.422.3 Graham Magnus Morrison m: Allie Ketcham

178.422.31 Thomas Henry Morrison

178.422.32 Abby Lynn Morrison

178.422.4 Iain Munro Morrison m: Jeanette Asher

178.422.41 Ellie Rachel Morrison

178.422.42 Amelia Ann Morrison

178.423 Michael David Gnam b: 1954-Jul-25 at Medicine Hat, AB d: 2012-Jan-22 at Medicine Hat, AB (mother: Bette Pearl Gnam )

178.423.1 Tara Dawn Emma Bixby (mother: Sandy Dawn Bixby )

178.423.2 Courtney Rose Wilson (mother: Veronica Wilson )

178.424 Dean Morgan Dragland m1: Laureen Stinn m2: Elizabeth Neef

178.424.1 Alexandra Breanne Dragland m: John Iarussi

178.424.11 Griffin Dragland Iarussi

178.424.12 Emmett Dragland Iarussi

178.424.2 Natalie Mae Dragland

178.425 Bradley Michael Dragland m: Jo Ann Osaka

178.425.1 Lindsay Nona Dragland

178.425.2 Jay Michael Dragland

178.426 Todd Leroy Dragland m1: Joan Hansen b: 1957-Sep-10 d: 2012-Nov-7 at: Redding, CA (div)

178.426.1 Adam Lund Dragland m: Jessica Thomas

178.426.2 Julie Inger Lund Dragland

(Todd) m2: Bonnie Claflin m: to Thornton

178.426-s2.1 Christine Elizabeth Thornton m: to Jason Joseph Delaney

178.426-s2.11 Zachary Michael Delaney

178.426-s2.12 Olivia Madison Delaney

178.426-s2.13 Cecilia Elizabeth Delaney

178.426-s2.2 Kathryn Petrona Thornton m: to John Thomas Cannone

178.426-s2.21 Francesca Mae Cannone

178.5 Theodore Edwin (Ted) Dragland b: 1904-May-16 d: 1983-Mar-9 m: Jul 8 1926 to Winnifred May Talbot b: 1905-Nov-24

178.51 Theodore Richard Dragland m: Neidra

178.511 Richard Gerald Dragland

178.512 Marilyn Diane Dragland m: Spurrill

178.512.1 Jamie May Spurrill m: Justin Brayne

178.512.11 Chazley Kesler

178.512.12 Chazley Kesler

178.512.13 Gavin Brayne

178.512.2 Devon Thomas Spurrill

178.512.3 Derrick Edward Spurrill

178.512.4 Shane William Spurrill

178.513 Kevin Dwayne Dragland

178.513.1 Mathew Douglas Dragland

178.52 Marjorie Mae Dragland m: Robert Smart Walker

178.521 Roberta Dianne Walker

178.521.1 Peter Charles

178.521.2 Gerald David

178.521.3 Sherri Anne

178.521.4 Brandy Marie

178.522 Marjorie Glenna Mae Walker

178.522.1 Louis Kirk

178.522.2 Candice Mae

178.522.3 Clinton Finley

178.522.4 Jared Robert

178.522.5 Abe Cameron

178.522.6 Amber Dawn

178.522.7 Joshua Charles

178.523 Evelyn Marie Walker

178.523.1 Chadwick Theodore

178.523.2 Damian Charles

178.523.3 Lindsay Marie

178.523.4 Gabrielle Desirea

178.524 Marlene Alice Walker

178.524.1 Stacey Lee

178.524.2 Therressa Dawn

178.524.3 LaDonna Marlene

178.525 Harold Marvin Walker

178.525.1 Jesse Edwin Walker

178.525.2 Michael Sean Walker

178.525.3 Christopher Jon Walker

178.525.4 Kimberly Dianne Walker

178.526.5 Marlose Kyli Walker

178.526 Charles Edwin Walker

178.527 Thomas Anthony Walker

178.53 Thomas Gordon Dragland

178.531 Marvin Gordon Dragland m: Patti

178.531.1 Whitney Marie Dragland

178.531.2 Kaylee Molly Serine Dragland m: to James Peter Brook

178.531.21 Samuel Gordon Brook

178.531.3 Addy (Addison) Reed Dragland

178.532 Diane Anette Dragland

178.532.1 Jenni Leigh

178.532.2 Josh

178.532.3 Nathan

178.533 Charlotte Mae Dragland

178.533.1 Dana Robyn

178.533.2 April

178.533.3 Monica

178.54 David Rudolph Dragland

178.541 David Albert Dragland

178.541.1 Aaron Scott Dragland

178.542 Gary James Dragland

178.543 Brent William Dragland

178.544 Debra Jean Dragland

178.55 Doris Evelyn Dragland m: to Joe Kimmit d: 2004-Mar-9 at Bow Island AB

178.551 Randolph Joseph Kimmit

178.551.1 Kari Ann Howe

178.551.2 Samuel Tyson (Sammi)

178.551.3 Krystal Paige Howe

178.552 Shelley Anne Kimmit

178.552.1 Leanne Rose

178.552.2 Suzanne Marie

178.552.3 Ryan Blair

178.553 Dwayne David Kimmit

178.553.1 Corry William

178.554 Calvin Lyle Kimmit

178.6 Alice Mae Dragland b: 1905-Oct-13 d: 1993 m: 1929-Aug-10 to Herbert Norden b: 1908-Mar-2 d: 1993

178.61 Joyce Ariss Norden d: 1993

178.611 Jack Lee Edworthy d:

178.612 Susan Myrle Edworthy m: Terry Dale Shewkenek

178.612.1 Michael Shad Edworthy (name changed to Michael William Easter) m: Tonya Janis Bridle

178.612.11 Jayd Elizabeth Easter

178.612.12 Benjamin Michael Easter

178.612.13 Matthew William Easter

178.612.14 Charlie Brian Easter

178.612.2 William David Shewkenek m: Katherine (Kasia) Anna Borowski

178.612.21 Cecilia Alice Shewkenek

178.612.22 William Terry Shewkenek

178.612.3 Kari Lee Shewkenek

178.7 Melvin Oren Dragland b: 1909-Mar-2 d: 1979-Apr-14 m: 1934 to Agnes Saue Haugse b: 1910-Aug-15

178.71 Donald Oren Dragland d: 2003-Apr-29 m: to Caisa

178.72 Ralph L. Kenneth Dragland b: 1937-Dec-6 d: 2002-Mar-5 at Las Vegas NV

178.721 Scott Allen Kenneth Dragland

178.73 Richard "Dick" Michael Dragland b: 1945-Aug-23 r: at Edmonds WA d: 2013-Sep-15 at San Antonio TX m: to Lynda

178.731 Jennifer Rene Dragland

178.732 Michael John Dragland m: 2007 to Shelly

178.732.1 Johnny Dragland (twin)

178.732.2 Shaine Dragland (twin)

178.8 Kenneth Arthur Dragland b: 1911-Mar-1 d: 1981-Jul-31 m: 1941-Dec-31 to Mydra Ellen Roberts b: 1914-Oct 25 d: (div)

178.81 Stanley Louis Dragland m: Truus

178.811 Michael Tobias Dragland

178.812 Simon Jesse Dragland

178.813 Rachel Emily Parsons

178.82 Elizabeth Anne (Betty) Dragland

178.821 Heather Lynn Kemp (twin)

178.822 Melanie Dawn Kemp (twin)

178.823 Lisa Jo Kemp

178.83 Ellen Marie Dragland

178.831 Tawnya Marie

178.832 Tyler Norman

178.84 Bernice May

178.9 Marion Delphine Dragland b: 1912-Nov-11 d: 1934-May-24

179 Magdalena Olivia Petrike Olsdatter b: 1868-Jun-12 at Dragland (Worked as a maid.) m: Peter Andreas Berg Eidissen

179.1 Kaspara Nikoline Eidissen b: 1891-May-8 m: Valdemar Olav Gutormsen b: 1880-May-9 [See: DFA 173.1]

179.2 Regine Regine Fredrikke Eidissen b: 1895-Oct-3

17A Emerentse Anna Kristine Olsdatter b: 20 Jan 1871 in Fiskefjord (daughter of Ole Thorsen and Mette Jonetta Thorsen (Danielsdtr)) d: 23 Jan 1956 in Narvik, buried at: Sandtorg m: Petter Jentoft Larsen, 29 Dec 1890 in Hol Kirke, b: 19 Jun 1865 in Hårvik (son of Lars Andreas Andersen and Anna Elise K Olsdtr. Andreassen), d: 26 Aug 1950 in Harstad, Gravlagt På Sandtorg
(She emigrated 1892 and settled in North Dakota but went back to Norway before 1895. She lived in Fiskefjord, later in Harvik, then in Sandtorg.)

17A.1 Olga Marie Johansen (Larsen) b: 14 Jul 1891 in Hårvik, d: 10 Dec 1920 in Harstad m: Julius Angel Johansen, 3 Dec 1916, b: 9 Jul 1895 in Staksvold (son of Johan Andreas Jørgensen and Kristine Mathilde Johnsdtr ), d: August 1970 (Emigrated.)

17A.11 Jonny Agnes Olsen (Johansen) b: 16 Aug 1917 in Harstad, d: 3 Dec 2010 in Hammerfest m: Rolf Olsen (son of Rudolf Joacim Martin Olsen and Magna Serine Olsen (Jørgensen)), d: 4 May 2004, buried: Gravlagt Jun 2004

17A.111 Ingrid Olsen Sunnanå m: (1) Knut Sunnanå m: (2) K Erik Andreassen

17A.111.1 Tom Andreassen m: Pia Invaldsen

17A.111.11 Loa Erik Aksel Ingvaldsen

17A.111.12 Theodor Rolf Helmer Ingvaldsen

17A.112 Rigmor Johanne (Vesla) (Olsen) Hauan m: (1) Hans Jakob Johansen b: 6 Mar 1943 in Hammerfest, d: 7 Dec 2001 m: (2) Arnulf Hauan

17A.112.1 Inge Johansen

17A.112.2 Ulf Roar Hauan

17A.12 Paula Johansenz b: 18 Jun 1920 in Harstad, d: 9 Jul 1920 in Harstad

17A.2 Lars Larsen b: 11 May 1893 in North Dakota, USA d: 9 Mar 1972 at Sandtorg, buried: 18 Mar 1972 at Sandtorg m: Magli Kristine Larsen (Svendsen) 1924 b: 1 Nov 1904 in Hov in Tjeldsund (Daughter of Adolf Marselius Svendsen and Bergitte Larsdtr Grimestad), d: 28 Nov 1992 in Harstad, buried at: Sandtorg

17A.21 Odd Petter Martin Larsen b: 11 Aug 1923 in Hårvik, d: 24 Sept 2007, buried at: Sandtorg m: Arna Larsen (Karlsen) b: 31 Jul 1919 in Narvik, d: 20 Sep 1998 in Harstad, buried at: Sandtorg

17A.211 Lars Severin Larsen m: Torgunn Tollefsen (daughter of Bjørg Tollefsen (Torbergsen))

17A.211.1 Oddbjørn Andre Larsen

17A.211.2 Line-Therese

17A.211.3 Lars Kristian Larsen

17A.22 Eina Liv Paula Wallberg (Larsen) m: Nils Gunnar Wallberg

17A.221 Astrid Carina Wallberg

17A.222 Christina (Tina) Margareta Wallberg . She lives with Lars (Lasse) Eling

17A.222.1 Max Åka Eling Wallberg

17A.223 Yvonne Hillevi Wallberg m: (1) Rolf Malm (son of Knut Rune Malm and Sonja Malm). She lives with (2) Lars (Lasse) Per Bengt Kjettselberg (son of Bengt Artur Kjettselberg and Elise Maria Bjørksten)

17A.223.1 Robin Nils Erik Wallberg

17A.223.2 Christian Lars Roland Wallberg

17A.223.3 Amanda Emma Paula Wallberg

17A.223.31 Emaline Wallberg

17A.223.4 Izahbella Maria Emerentse Wallberg Kjettselberg

17A.23 Solvei (Mosken) Marna Vee b: 15 Mar 1926 in Sandtorg, d: 13 Feb 1990 in Spania, buried at: Kanebogen m: Karl Dal Vee

17A.231 Ragnhild Margrete Vee m: Jostein Dille

17A.231.1Julie Dille

17A.231.2 Marie Dille

17A.232 Helge Vee m: Grete Vee (Akselsen) 1983, (Daughter of Leif Akselsen and Inger Akselsen)

17A.232.1 Marit Vee

17A.232.2 Mats Vee

17A.232.3 Martin Vee

17A.3 Anna Nikoline Lovise Andreassen (Larsen) b: 8 Jan 1895 in Hårvik, d: 28 Oct 1968 in LødIngen, buried at: Sandtorg m: Peder Jentoft Andreassen Hesten 3 Dec 1916 b: 1864 in Kanstadfjorden - Hesten (son of Andreas Mathiassen and Pernille Susanne Tollefsen), d: 1927

17A.31 Erling Petter Paul Andreassen b: 17 Jul 1919 in Hesten - LødIngen, d: 13 Jun 2003 at Harstad Sykehus

17A.32 Asbjørn Peder Andreassen b: 31 Oct 1921 in Hårvik, d: 18 Jul 1985 in Narvik, buried at: Sandtorg m: Sandra Karoline Andreassen (Andersen) b: 26 Feb 1916 in Tysfjord (Daughter of Jakob Andersen and Magda Andersen), d: 28 Sep 1992 in Harstad, buried at: Sandtorg

17A.321 Arvid Peder Andreassen m: Torill Andreassen (Larsen)

17A.321.1 Trine Andreassen m: Tore Magnus Sørum

17A.321.11 Peder Andreassen

17A.322 Magne Jarle Andreassen m: Anne Lise Andreassen (Paulsen) (Daughter of Trygve O Paulsen and Agnethe Paulsen

17A.322.1 Karoline Andreassen Tandberg m: Kristoffer Tandberg

17A.322.11 Emilie Andreassen Tandberg

17A.322.12 Vilde Andreassen Tandberg

17A.322.2 Julie Andreassen

17A.322.3 Siw Fermann . She lives with Per Boquist

17A.322.31 Frida Olivia Fermann Boquist

17A.323 Randi Annie Albrigtsen m: Albert Helge Albrigtsen

17A.323.1 Monika Albrigtsen Aaserud Related to Sigve Liadal . She lives with Kai Aaserud

17A.323.11 Simen Albrigtsen Liadal

17A.323.12 Noah Aaserud

17A.323.2 Hege Anett Albrigtsen m: Morten S Henriksen

17A.323.21 Henrik Vincent Albrigtsen

17A.4 Einar Peter Dahl Larsen b: 19 Sep 1897, d: 19 Aug 1931 in Hårvik, buried at: Sandtorg m: Astrid Angell b: 7 May 1906 at Sæther

17A.5 Hartløv Antonius Stoltenberg Larsen b: 19 Sep 1899 in Fiskefjord, d: 7 Feb 1904 in Fiskefjorden

17A.6 Gunvor Mikeli Johanna (Judy) Wiklund Larsen b: 1 Oct 1901 in Fiskefjord, d: 12 Oct 1990 in Seattle (King-Washington), buried at: Seattle (Se Bilde) m: Bengt Wicklund b: 26 Sept 1889 in Sverige ?, d: Mar 1968 in King Washington (531-09-4277)

17A.7 Hartløv (Harry Petterson in USA) Antonius Stoltenberg Larsen b: 3 Nov 1903 in Fiskefjord, d: 1985 in Seattle, WA, USA m: Mildred Pettersen

17A.71 Einar Palmer Petterson b: 21 Nov 1934 in Seattle, WA, USA m: Eileen F Putham Blackmore Petterson 18 Mar 1955 in Everett, WA, USA b: 11 Aug 1936 in Everett, WA, USA

17A.711 Michael (Mike) Allen Petterson m: Charlene Ann Bacon Petterson

17A.711.1 Justin Allenpetterson

17A.711.2 Alexander Lewis Petterson

17A.711.3 Brittani Ann Petterson

17A.712 David Petterson m: Margaret Marie Morey

17A.712.1 Heidi Marie Morey Petterson

17A.713 Steven Bruce Petterson m: (1) Cheryll Buck m: (2) Cynthia (Cindy) Ann Dew West Petterson

17A.713.1 Tiah Nicole Petterson m: Andrew

17A.713.2 Austin Beau Petterson

17A.713.3 Bronson Scott Petterson

17A.713.4 Emily Ann Petterson

17A.713.5 Dylan Einar Petterson

17A.714 Barbara Gail Petterson Dorn m: Daniel J Dorn

17A.714.1 Jeremiah David Dorn

17A.72 Harley Petterson

17A.8 Herdis Vally Nilsen (Larsen) b: 1 Jun 1907, d: 1999 in Narvik m: Frits Nilsen

17A.81 Frid Henny (Pusken) Bentzen (Nilsen) b: 11 May 1940 in Narvik m: Bernt Bentzen b: 22 Jan 1939 in Harstad

17A.811 Tore Bentzen m: Liss Bentzen (Jensen)

17A.811.1 Martin Bentzen b: 27 Jan 1997 in Tromsø'; ?>

17A.812 Anne Gry Bentzen, m: Børge Brunes

17A.812.1 Henning Bentzen Brunes

17A.812.2 Iver Brunes Bentzen

17A.812.3 Eline Bentzen Brunes

17A.813 Kristine Bentzen m: Peter Svenonius

17A.813.1 Elsa Lucy Svenonius

17A.82 Einar Nilsen

17A.9 Ole Lind Larsen b: 17 Aug 1909 d: 1985 in Oslo m: (1) Janne (Jakobine) Larsen Nordnes b: in Sørreisa, d: in Oslo m: (2) Hansine Amalie Kristiansen Guneriusdtr b: 28 Feb 1909 in Ulvik (Daughter of Gunerius Eide Kristiansen and Gregine Johanne Hansdtr), d: 1940 in Døde in Barselseng

7A.91 Randi Lind Asper (Larsen) b: in Narvik m: Lars Asper b: in Oslo

17A.911 Kristian Asper Larsen

17A.A Kristofa Juliannë Årbekk (Larsen) b: 20 Sep 1912 in Hårvik, d: 24 Aug 1999 in Melvik, buried at: Sandtorg m: Rolf Ingemann Årbekk (Andreassen) 1947, b: 5 Apr 1911 in Årbogen (son of Rafhael Harr Andreassen and Ingeborg Sofie Andreassen (Pedersen)), d: 28 Dec 1997 in Melvik, buried at: Sandtorg

17A.A1 Bjørn Magnar Lauritz Årbekk m: Judith Årbekk (Fjelldahl) at Skånland Kirke, (Daughter of Theodor Fjelldahl and Edith Fjelldahl)

17A.A2 Roald Petter Årbekk m: (1) Eli Oliva Årbekk (Eilertsen) (Daughter of Erling Eilertsen and Hanna Eilertsen (Grøttem)) m: (2) May Johansen (Kallbekken) (Daughter of Mikal A Johansen and Judith Johansen)

17A.A21 Ronny Årbekk. He lives with Silje Annie Henriksen

17A.A21.1 Julia Helen Årbekk

17A.A21.2 ine Andrea Årbekk

17A.A22 Cesilie Årbekk m: Hans Jørgen Nordli

17A.A22.1 Maja Årbekk Nordli

17B Joakim Berg Olsen Dragland b: 1873-Jan-28 at Dragland, Tjeldsund, Norway. (Emigrated to the USA.) d: c1920 at Seattle WA

17C Thomas Olsen Dragland b: 1878-Apr-23 at Dragland, Tjeldsund, Norway d: 1931-Nov-6 at Seattle, WA m: 1901 to Gerda Jacobsen at Fiskefjord, Norway. (Emigrated to the USA 1901. Later moved to Seattle, WA.)

17C.1 Oscar Meyer Dragland b: 1902-Jan-1 d: 1936-Apr-6

17C.2 Jennie Anne Dragland b: 21904-Sep-23 d: 1995-Feb-27 m: Arthur Peter Jentoft

17C.21 Arthur Philip Jentoft (Living in Venice, FL)

17C.22 Mildred Gertrude Jentoft b: 1929-May-15 d: 1967-Dec-27 m: Richard Gregory Harms (Haremski)

17C.221 Lucy Lynette Harms m: Daniel Nesse (Redmond, WA)

17C.222 Gregory Arthur Harms m: Dawn Ann Fredenberg (Sunnyvale, CA)

17C.223 Kurt Stanley Harms (Aurora, CO)

17C.3 Thorvald George Dragland b: 1906-Jul-6 d:

17C.31 George Thomas Dragland (Ballard, Washington - fisherman)

17C.311 Larry John Dragland m1: Amy m2: Shan m3: Flora

17C.311.1 Heather Elizabeth Dragland Jenks m: Andrew Jenks

17C.311.11 Tristen Jenks

17C.311.12 Mason Jenks

17C.311.13 Madelyn Jenks

17C.311.3 Carrie Dragland

17C.312 Thomas Allen Dragland m: Janell Lynn Wells

17C.312.1 Jordan Kendall Dragland

17C.312.1 Nathan Thomas Dragland

17C.4 Lena Nettie Dragland b: 1908-Jun-24 m: B.G. Wilder

17C.5 Annie Dragland b: 1910-Aug-13 m: B. M. Main

17C.6 Della Mildred Dragland b: 1915-Apr-10 m: W. W. Petersen

17C.7 Gladys Fredericka Dragland b: 1917-Nov-5 m: H. P. Sather

18 Randi Torsdtr Limmesand b: 1821-Apr-28 at Limmesand, Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn d: 1866-Feb-7 ? (or 1893-May-22) Moved to Dragland.

19 Johannes Torson Limmesand b: 1823-May-2 at Limmesand, Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn d: 1894 at Fretheim, Arnafjord m: 1853-Jun-20 to Lussi Johannesdatter Otterskrea b: 1829 at Sogn

1A Brita Torsdtr Limmesand b: 1825-Sep-21 at Limmesand, Arnafjord, Vik in Sogn d: c1900 at Aspelund Goodhue, MN m: Elling Olsen Tune b: 1819-Mar-19 d: c1887 [immigrated with son Thor Ellingson Ligtvor 1867-Apr-4 from Ligtvor ship: Brorene]

1A1 Thor Ellingsen Ligtvor b:1854-Jan-18 at Hopperstad kirk, Vik d: 1938-Mar-14 at Chicago, IL m: 1877-Mar-14 at Red Wing, MN

1A1.x Lily Thorina Ellingson m: Larson

1A1.xx Sybel Irene Iverson Larson

1A1.xxx Ramona Eleanor (Larson) Pekarek

2 Per Nilsson Limmesand b: 1777 d: 1779

3 Anna Nilsdtr Limmesand b: 1779 d: 1805 m: Mils Johannesson

4 Halvard Nilsson Limmesand b: 1782 d: 1837-Mar-24 m: 1812-Nov-1 to Sigrid Rognaldsdatter Ase b: ca 1786 d: 1864-Feb-2

5 Ragnhild Nilsdtr Limmesand b: 1788 d: 1830-Aug-3 m: 1810-Jul-8 to Johannes Knutson Midlang BR Norway

6 Sigrid Nilsson Limmesand b: 1788 m: Elling Jonson Geithus

7 Bodil Nilsdtr Limmesand b: 1792 m: 1822-Jun-4 to Helge Olson Ligtvor